The Tula Difference

Chronic stress is a major contributor to mental and physical health issues. Stress and anxiety has never been as high as recent times. Our services are aimed to not only help manage stress but also boost your immune system, put your nervous system in rest-and-relax mode vs fight-and-flight, detoxify your body and help you recover from injuries. Our setting is inspired by the beauty and tranquility found in nature. Come take a break with us! You will thank yourself! 

Please contact us with any questions on which service would be most beneficial to you or how you can stack our services for optimal outcome.

Tula Wellness, Owned & Operated by
Lizelle Fourie
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Tula Wellness was founded in 2022 by Johanna Fourie. She is a licensed Physical Therapist of 29 years with experience in various settings. Over the last five years she become increasingly interested in root cause medicine and qualified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner where she learned about the importance of managing and preventing disease through maintaining homeostasis in the body. Her wish is to bring these modalities to Longview and educate the community on the benefits. She’s passionate about helping people live their best lives and promoting healthy ageing.

We’re Committed to Your Wellness

Tula Wellness is a premier destination, offering customers access to the newest technology in maintaining health, wellness, and detoxing services at an affordable price point. Tula Wellness guests will have access to the services at per service offerings, packages, and monthly memberships.

Our vision is to provide a place where you can relax, recover, and detox your body and mind to improve vitality, longevity, and maintain the ability to live a full and active life. We are committed to assisting you to achieve your wellness goals by providing an integrative approach to a healthy body and mind while embracing both conventional and holistic services.


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