The Story Behind Our Name

The Story Behind Our Name

Tula Tu Tula Baba…… Dreams will take you far away…

Growing up on a farm in Africa this lullaby was sung by all mothers to their babies….. hushing them to sleep. Many years later I too sang this to my American born baby in the dark of night, dreaming big and trying to be brave for them!

Trying to find a suitable name for my new business venture was BIG….. it needed African roots, like me, but roll of the American tongue with ease, feel warm and welcoming to every weary soul, every burned out professional and every sleep deprived, given empty parent.  

Tula has several meanings:
In Zulu it means “ be quiet”
In Hindi it means “ to be tranquil”
In Germanic it means “strength! 
In Greek it means “peace”
Who of us today do not need to be more quiet and tranquil, and have more strength and peace! And so Tula was born!!

I, like many others, found myself at rock bottom a few years back, cracking under the demands modern life puts on us….adding to that the very high expectations I put on myself to earn more, be the best parent, learn new skills, pursue healthy habits, run the household and the to do list that never ended. Leaving my family behind in Africa in search of a better future for my kids, raising my young children while working long hours as a health professional and no family support with little time off eventually took its toll and I had to claw my way out of burnout. Many of you find yourself in a similar predicament. This difficult time taught me a valuable lesson….. the importance of self-care. 

I have always been a researcher and problem solver, human physiology amazes me and I read science books for fun. When I became aware of the potency and vastness of alternative/holistic medicine in disease prevention, healing and longevity I felt like I found a new calling.  Five years of digging deeper down the rabbit hole, learning and pursuing various options including a Health Coach Certification my business concept was born. I always found joy in helping people, combined with a zest for life and all the opportunities it offers like travel and enjoying the beauty of our earth one of my life goals are to live to a healthy 100 years old. Too much to do and see and too little time. Biohacking opened doors for us to slow down aging and prevent disease…. we are just starting to employ these wonderful modalities to our benefit. I want to educate others on its benefits and make it accessible to more. 

No amount of healthy eating or exercising or biohacking can hold any ground against the devastating effects of chronic stress on our health and wellbeing. Tula’s main goal is to provide you, Longview with a respite from your crazy life, an escape from all your burdens, a recharge to be the best you for your loved ones and the gift of time for yourself to take care of yourself so you can take care of others, just 30 minutes to breath deeply, dream big and find yourself again…….. without costing an arm or a leg and available when you need it most, on a walk in basis. 

I love getting to meet all of you and finding our TRIBE of like minded life loving, weary souls, hungry for a break, only human burned out beings, striving to be better and feel great. 

This is SO far out of my comfort zone but I am inspired by all of YOU everyday to make Tula a huge success and serve you! With your support and God’s faithful blessings I know we will go far together. I have many more new things planned for Tula so watch this space…… 

Live Well,


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