Why EXPERIENCES make better gifts than STUFF

Why EXPERIENCES make better gifts than STUFF

With the holiday season just around the corner and the Black Friday sales looming, you might be scratching your head trying to figure out what to give your loved ones this year. It’s no secret that gift giving guides are often repetitive. How many candles and blankets can you give, not to mention the infamous socks, body products or candy. Boring!

INSTEAD, gifts of experiences that can help your loved ones to make lasting memories should be on your gift giving radar this year. Which childhood gifts do you remember? Did it involve a special experience or was it another toy you forgot about in a week? 

Our lives and homes are so cluttered with stuff.  We run out of room and get burdened down keeping up with it all.

Opportunity to Try Something New

New experiences that allow people to make new memories and connect them with your gifts are especially impactful. In this way, your loved one will associate their new experience as a memory that involves you.

Some ideas for new experiences could include relaxing gifts, such as floating. Also known as floatation therapy, floating is a wellness experience with many physical and mental benefits that is quickly becoming very popular in the U.S.

Provide an Escape from Reality

For your loved ones that are busy, working long hours at stressful jobs and still make time for their family at home, burnout is a reality. A gift in which you can allow them to take some time for themselves can be incredibly rewarding. In this way, you can encourage them to do some self-care in the form of a gift.

This kind of experience gift could be a trip to a spa or wellness center, like Tula Wellness for a well deserved spa day. Ideas for experiences that allow them to take a relaxing break could include biomat therapy, infrared sauna, red light therapy or a session in a massage chair. 

Gifts with benefits

What if our gifts could aid in improving our loved one’s health and wellbeing or set them up for a journey to better health? Getting started with better habits is usually the hardest part. A wellness experience gift could be the little nudge they need to get started and experience how good it feels to let go and take a break. Signing them up for a membership at a health spa could be the ideal way to keep them on track with their wellness goals and encourage regular self-care. Even if we have to rely on them feeling guilty to use your gift to get them to take that first steps to new habits. This gift might even have benefits for you… we all know if mama ain’t happy nobody is happy! 


Giving an experience rather than a traditional gift can be much more impactful. There are a wealth of popular gifts that are limited to similar products year after year. By gifting experiences for the holidays you can help to make your loved ones feel special and encourage them to relax, recover and detox, manage stress and be their best!!

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