General Questions


We have restrictions for each device listed in the waiver when you book and in the room. Please make sure you read through this to be safe


We are aiming to keep our space quiet to ensure the most relaxing experience for our quests therefor no children under 16 are allowed in our building


We offer filtered water, ice and hot and cold beverages for you to enjoy. Please Bring a glass or stainless steel container for use in the sauna.

Do you have a shower available?

Yes, we have a shower and towels available to all our guests as well as a blow dry bar with basic toiletries needed to be office/street ready after your service.

Floating Questions

What do I need to bring?

We provide robes, towels, body wash and shampoo, ear plugs lotion, q tips, contact lense cases if you choose to remove your before your float. and blow dryers If you have long hair you can bring a hair tie and any special brush/comb you use. Rooms are fully private so no need to bring a bathing suit.


We recommend that you eat a light meal an hour before your float. Do not drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks for several hours before your float. Don’t shave or wax for 8 hours before as the salt water might irritate the skin.

How often do I have to float to benefit the most?

You may need to float a few times before you are able to relax completely physically and mentally Depending on your own health journey a float might provide and hour of total physical relaxation or a profound healing experience. Best benefits are achieved with regular floating ie once per week

What effects does floating have on the mind?

During a float you produce slower brainwaves called theta waves, which are normally only experienced during deep meditation or just before falling asleep This can be accompanied by vivid imagery, very clear creative thoughts, sudden insights and inspirations and feelings of profound peace and joy. Because of these effects floating is used effectively in the treatment of depression and addiction Other benefits include stress reduction, increased sensory acuity/reaction time, improved sleep Well researched benefits for PTSD, anxiety and depression

What are the physical benefits of floating?

Deep relaxation, increased bloodcirculation, and muscle recovery, reduction in chronic pain, reduced compression/unloading of all joints in weightless environment . Floating has well researched benefits for fibromyalgia, and chronic pain

How is the water cleaned between sessions?

We have a filtration system that runs after each session There is more than 1000 lb of medical grade Epsom salt dissolved in the tank – a concentration so high no living microorganism can survive In addition an ultra violet and ozone filtration system is used and water is filtered 3-4 times through a 1-10 micron filterafter each session. UV is the safest and most effective system available using the same technology as water purification systems used for drinking water Water is tested daily to maintain optimum levels.To maintain cleanliness a shower is mandatory prior to floating


Yes, it is impossible not to float in the tank. 1000 lb of salt dissolved in the water you will float effortlessly in our pod which is more dense than the dead sea

Is the salt good for my skin?

Epsom salt has actually been used for treating skin ailments and will leave your skin feeling soft and silky Your skin will not even prune!

Do I have to stay in the whole time?

The lid to our pod does not latch so you are able to freely enter and exit the pod. That said the float usually goes by much faster than you’d expect

What if Im claustrophobic?

You are always in control of your environment and can choose to float with the pod open, the lights can be kept on and you are free to exit the pod at any time. Most people with claustrophobia have no trouble floating

Can I drown if I fall asleep?

NO. The water is so boyant you cant help but float at the top Some people choose to sleep in the pods

Do I have to float nude?

Most people do not wear bathing suits while floating Anything you wear while floating will become heavy with the salt and may be distracting. Our float room is private with a shower in the room’

What happens if I get salt in my eyes?

Avoid touching your face to prevent this from happening We provide a squirt bottle with fresh water and a hand towel in the pod to rinse if you need to.

Is it safe to float while pregnant?

Pregnant clients experience some of the greatest relief while floating due to the weightless environment There is a special position you can float in to relief the pressure of the baby on your body Please consult with your physician before floating in first and third trimester

Can I float while on my period?

Yes as long as you wear a tampon and avoid days with heavy flow. If in doubt reschedule for another day.

Will I get my hair wet?

YES, it is impossible to keep your hair dry, many have tried. You will have to rinse the salt out afterward We have a blow dry bar available so you can dry your locks post float

What if I have to go to the bathroom?

Please exit the pod, rinse off in the shower, put on the robe behind door to travel to the adjacent restroom. There is a $1000 charge for leaving ANYTHING behind in our pod.

What if I have hair color, extensions or keratin treatment?

Allow 2 weeks after hair coloring and make sure there is no dye residue washing out by testing wet hair on a white towel. Floating decreases the life of keratin treatments and glued in extensions. It is similar to swimming in the ocean. We do not guarantee that hair treatments will survive your float.

Is there an age restriction?

Anyone under 18 will need parent consent. We do not allow children under 16 to float.

Is there any mobility restrictions?

You need to be capable of stepping out of the pod which is similar to getting in and out of a bathtub at home. If you are unable to get up from the floor unassisted we advise against using the pod.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t float?

We can not allow you to float if you have any of the following conditions: Infectious skin or respiratory conditions, Open wounds, Incontinence, Epilepsy, Serious mental conditions, Dementia/Alzheimers, If you are under influence of drugs/alcohol/narcotics. Minors without parent consent, if you have an unhealed tattoo, freshly died hair

What about body jewelry or rings I cant remove?

Gold and stainless steel jewelry should be OK in the pod If you have stones in your jewelry there may be some crust left Any costume jewelry, mixed alloy, silver etc. needs to be removed We will not be responsible for damaged jewelry.

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