QRS Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

The combination of wave pattern, frequency package, and amplitude produce significant effects.​


The heart effect: Heart beat slows (relaxes) frequency decreases 

The blood pressure effect: Blood pressure decreases 

Blood flow speed: The blood flows faster 

Blood Viscosity: The viscosity of the blood decreases (i.e. Blood thins) 

Respiratory Volume: Humans immediately breathe more deeply

​You may experience improved psychological and physical sense of well-being, better coping with stress, less aches and pains, better vascular circulation, better peripheral oxygen supply, faster recoveries and wound healing, remedying of sleeping disorders and depression


What may happen in a 24-minute session

1.Elimination of Electrosmog
A patented process removes interfering fields, which creates an optimal environment for the device to work most effectively.

2.Increased Ion Transport
Our patented process increases the energetic charge of a cell by improving the cell’s ATP production. This process enhances the efficiency in which charged molecules or atoms (energy) are received from, food, water and air. These floating ions enter the cell walls more easily and bring the provided nutrients to be metabolized, which creates ATP in large amounts.

The cells are the basic modules of life. The more permeable a cell 2is to vitamins, minerals and oxygen, the better a cell will function.

QRS® opens the cell to vitamins, minerals and oxygen. QRS® also helps to expel waste products, which have to come out of the cell. Thus the cell stays vital, is better equipped and promotes self-regeneration. This means: a longer, healthier and vital life is made possible by a promoted cell-regeneration. QRS® resonance fields stimulate the action potential of the cell and increase cell functioning and metabolism.

3. Cell Voltage

Every cell, just like the whole human organism, has a metabolism: water, nutrients and oxygen have to get in, metabolism products need to be taken out. For the cells, this transport is handled through openings in the surface, the so-called cell membrane. These valves in the cell membrane open and close as needed. This mechanism is based on voltage potential, ie; the difference in voltage between the cell interior and the intercellular space. The right or wrong amount of such potential is responsible for healthy or diseased cell metabolism. Frequency therapy is believed to regulate this voltage potential; this is the underlying theory to explain why frequency therapy is a procedure that can be used to support energetic balance in the variety of ways. The Quantron Resonance System activates cells for a better absorption of vital substances including oxygen. The daily application of QRS® vitalizes the organism in a certain way, which can be reached for example by taking a daily walk for more than three hours. A higher blood- and oxygen-penetration provides further positive effects: reduction of fermentation processes and acid excesses, relaxation of tense hardened muscles, boosting metabolism and strengthening the immune system.

Humans are only as healthy as the health of their cells and their ability to communicate with each other. Cell health can therefore be determined by one simple perimeter; the electric cell membrane voltage.  According to the cell membrane voltage model, a cell ideally has a voltage of -100 to -70mV and that’s enough energy to live and communicate with the other cell’s. In the course of disease, this voltage is often reduced to -50mV. At -40mV pain and inflammation can start to occur. At -15mV is the threshold below which the cell can mutate into a tumor cell

4. Intensified Vascular Release of Nitrogen Monoxide (NO)
Endothelial cell receptors are stimulated, releasing more NO. This, in turn, causes a rise in the calcium ion concentration, which leads to pH subsidence. This sensitizes the baroreceptors, the sympathetic nerve is restricted, and the vascular dilatation is intensified.  

NO, a labile link with a short half-life, has a central meaning in controlling vascular resistance. NO controls many central functions such as the neurotransmitters and the macrophages-cytotoxin, while additionally hindering the platelet aggregation.

Improved Circulation and Waste Removal Direct influence of the electromagnetic tension at the vascular membrane.

Increased Oxygen Diffusion  80-900% within 8 to 16 Minutes and Lasts 8 to 12 Hours


Sticky Blood Cells Ions are Balanced within 8 to 16 Minutes and Lasts 8 to 12 Hours